Frequently Asked Questions

Harness the power of nature, with 9 natural plant extracts. An effective, clinically proven solution recommended by experts.

Questions about stomach issues
  • Tablets take time to break down and dissolve before their active ingredients can start working. The nine natural plants in Iberogast® are already dissolved in a liquid formula, which means the body can absorb them straight away.

    It's important to understand Iberogast®'s nine medicinal plants and their effects. They are active as single herbs but they also work together, targeting multiple symptoms at the same time3. This is how Iberogast® gives you quick, effective relief1 from a range of digestive symptoms, like cramps, pain, feelings of fullness, nausea, bloating and flatulence.

  • Iberogast® has a herbal taste. It also tastes slightly bitter to some people. This taste comes from the nine natural medicinal plant extracts that make Iberogast® so effective. These are bitter candytuff, angelica root, chamomile flowers, caraway fruits, St Mary's thistle fruits, lemon balm leaves, peppermint leaves, greater celandine and liquorice root.

    You'll probably be able to recognise a number of these ingredients by their own distinctive tastes - chamomile, for example. Some of the other medicinal plants in Iberogast® have a slightly bitter taste. That's because they naturally contain bitter substances that support digestion and give you relief from digestive symptoms. Taste is individual, though. Different people are likely to notice and prefer different flavours.

  • Some of the medicinal plants in Iberogast® have a slightly bitter taste, like Iberis amara, also known as bitter candytuft. The first part of Iberogast®'s name is inspired by this herb. Remember, bitter can be better.

    If you don't like bitter tastes, you can dissolve Iberogast® in sweetened tea or sweet juice before taking it.

  • Iberogast® can be taken for as long as you need depending on how severe your digestive symptoms are, and how long they last for. If you're not sure if you should take Iberogast® for a prolonged period of time, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice. You must see a doctor if your symptoms worsen or do not improve after taking Iberogast® continuously for 7 days

    Iberogast® can be taken for severe or 'acute' symptoms. If that applies to you, you should stop taking Iberogast® as soon as your symptoms have disappeared or significantly eased.

    You should consult your doctor if you don't feel any relief from your acute symptoms after taking Iberogast® continuously for seven days.

    No cure has been found yet, but there's no strict limitation on how long a patient can use Iberogast® to manage their digestive symptoms and bring reliable relief.

  • Many people dilute Iberogast® in warm or cold water, or juice. You can also dilute it in herbal or fruit teas. Make sure the temperature of any liquid you use is no higher than 25°C.

    Don't dilute Iberogast® in grapefruit juice or any alcoholic drinks, as they can make Iberogast® less effective.

  • You should only take Iberogast® according to the recommended dose in the package insert. Studies of 'overexposure' to Iberogast® haven't found there to be any toxic effects at high doses, and no negative outcomes have been recorded after accidental overdoses of Iberogast®.

    If you take more than the recommended amount of Iberogast®, make sure you take the recommended amount in your next dose. Take a look at the patient information leaflet to find out which dose is right for you.

    If you regularly take more than the recommended amount of Iberogast®, or if you're unsure how much Iberogast® you should be taking, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

  • No. A 'loading dose' is when you take a higher amount of a medicine or treatment the first time you have it. This is not needed with Iberogast®.

    Adults with severe digestive symptoms should take 20 drops of Iberogast® up to three times a day, for symptoms including abdominal pains, camps, feelings of fullness, heaviness, bloating, flatulence and nausea4. This is enough to get fast, effective relief from symptoms, so you don't need to start with a higher 'loading dose'.

  • Iberogast® is well tolerated. May be used in children over the age of 3 years4.

  • The use of Iberogast® during pregnancy and lactation has not been fully studied and it should only be used in these circumstances under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

  • Once you've opened a bottle of Iberogast®, it will remain 'stable' for up to 8 weeks. Don't use it after 8 weeks, as after that time it may be less effective. This is because the nine natural plants in Iberogast® can only be guaranteed to be contained in the amounts listed on the pack during the first 8 weeks after opening the bottle.

    8 weeks is always the number to remember.

  • Alcohol is a key ingredient in liquid herbal medicines including Iberogast®, because it helps to extract the valuable herbal components. The alcohol in Iberogast® works as a 'solvent', preserving the nine natural plant extracts that make Iberogast® so effective.

    Iberogast®'s alcohol content (31% by volume) might seem high at first sight, but a single adult dose of 20 drops contains just 0.24g of alcohol.

  • In producing Iberogast®, Bayer enforces the same manufacturing standards that apply to its other medicines. Iberogast® is made with a patented production process and it also meets GMP standards10.

    Iberogast® is manufactured using a specified cultivation and processing of plant material. When producing pharmaceutical products using herbal ingredients, it is important that refined medicinal extraction methods are used, together with tried and tested harvesting procedures in order to maintain efficacy. Iberogast® is produced using a unprecedentedly high degree of standardisation, allowing it to be a modern multi-target therapy10.