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Bring Iberogast® on board

When you take a trip, exploring new and fascinating places can sometimes be too exciting for your irritable stomach. You may ask yourself – why is my tummy struggling? Well, while you are travelling, your gastrointestinal tract may be affected by unfamiliar triggers such as new ingredients, not completely heated meals or street food prepared under questionable hygienic conditions. These factors may result in disgruntled stomach, especially if you suffer from a diagnosed gastrointestinal issue, like a functional gastrointestinal disorder. 

How to spare your stomach unpleasant surprises? Don’t forget to pack your travel pharmacy with Iberogast®. Due to its holistic approach and formulation of nine medicinal plant extracts, Iberogast® provides fast and effective relief from multiple digestive symptoms simultaneously, for instance abdominal pain and cramps, heaviness, nausea, bloating or flatulence. What’s more, the handy bottle of Iberogast® can easily fit even in the smallest luggage. 

Remember – when your stomach takes a trip, let it travel with the power of nature – go for Iberogast®.

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Disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract are usually not only extremely unpleasant and associated with numerous complaints, they often make a normal everyday life even harder. It’s good that there is Iberogast®: The combination of nine medicinal plants targets both the underlying causes and the annoying symptoms. 

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