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Digestive system - Digestion - Function & Organs

Digestion is a masterpiece of nature. A sophisticated network of organs, nerves, enzymes and microorganisms ensures that our body gets what it needs to live. But what can we do, when this complex system gets out of balance?

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Gastric motility - Function & how to keep it in balance

Coordinated movements of the muscles in the stomach and intestine allow for smooth digestion. But what happens when the motility is disturbed?

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Gastric nerves - Enteric nervous system & how it works

The stomach nerves control digestion indirectly to a large extent by controlling many processes in the stomach. But what if they are impaired because they are irritated or hypersensitive?

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Gastrointestinal tract - Function & Keeping it healthy

What is the function of the colon, small intestine and intestinal flora? Find out everything about the intestines and how they work

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Healthy nutrition & eating with digestive problems

Diet can be a trigger in digestive problems, abdominal pain and many other gastrointestinal symptoms. Find out how you can support to calm the stomach and intestines with your diet and good eating habits.

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Stomach function, anatomy & treatment of disorders

The human stomach: Get to know the stomach with its function and anatomy and learn what you can do, if the stomach function is disturbed.

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Stomach lining - Function & Treatment of gastritis

The stomach lining or gastric mucosa protects the stomach and produces gastric juice. But what happens when it’s irritated?

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Can stress affect your gut?

Stress can not only disrupt general well-being but also can be a trigger for an upset stomach. We will show you the possible way to deal with it.

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While you are travelling, your gastrointestinal tract may be affected by unfamiliar triggers such as new ingredients, which can cause an upset stomach. We will show you a possible way to deal with it.

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Did you know that your brain and gut are interlinked by nerves?

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